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Neuroscience is for girls (but not women – yet)


There is a tendency to think that the gap between the number of men and women in science is closing. However, the statistics throw up data which suggests we might conclude the opposite. It could even be that, today, the discrimination suffered by women scientists is even more subtle and difficult to perceive. On the one hand, the number of women graduates in the different university degrees has been growing continuously and, in some cases, amply exceeds the number of men. On the other hand, this data has not had any effect over the last 30 years when we look at the positions of higher responsibility and prestige in science.

Get to know our women neuroscientists


A series of interviews with women members of SENC, with a dual objective:

i) to the raise the profile of women neuroscientists, so that their careers and experience can be a role model for other women and for society in general, and

ii) to gather together ideas and demands that can be channelled and put into practice through the SENC.



– Holding scientific symposia with only women speakers Women Neuroscientists’ Meeting
2019 See the programs
See the programs

– Organisation of activities during the SENC Biennial Conference and during the meeting of the Cajal Conference.

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Dr. Liliana Martinez is a deserved awardee of the IBRO Early Career Awards 2020! We are thrilled to be able to support her research on neuroprotective drugs in experimental models of #Parkinsons disease. https://t.co/WlomKmxdZ1

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En la sección #ConoceNeurocientíficas entrevistamos esta semana a Jimena Baleriola @BaleriolaLab, investigadora del @AchucarroGlia @Ikerbasque : https://t.co/cQdQ6pI97E
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