Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee manages applications for membership of the SENC, in collaboration with the Technical Secretariat. Applications must be made on-line (click on Member Area). Once completed, the application is evaluated within a maximum of one month. The Admissions Committee notifies the Technical Secretariat of the decision taken (admission, rejection or deficiencies to be resolved), and the Technical Secretariat then contacts the applicant and proceeds with the final stage of the procedure (direct debit/payment of fees, access code to the SENC intranet).



Verification of the documentation included with the application (CV, letters of support from two ordinary members of SENC and proof of status as a student, if required).


Notification to the Technical Secretariat of the results of the evaluation of the application, so that it might proceed with the relevant administrative aspects.

Current head of the Admissions Committee 

Diego Clemente

Investigador Principal
Jefe de Grupo Neuroinmuno-Reparación
Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos, Toledo

Conchi Lillo

Dpto. de Biología Celular y Patología
Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León

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