The objectives of the SENC, the Spanish Neuroscience Society, are:


Promote the development of knowledge in the area of Neuroscience, bringing together scientists from different disciplines, and facilitating the integration of research aimed at all levels of nervous system organization.


Promote education in the field of Neuroscience.


Promote the relationship with national and international homologous societies and organizations.


Inform the public about the results and implications of ongoing research in the areas of Neuroscience.

Carta del presidente

Estimadas/os colegas y socias/os

I come to this presidency in particular circumstances that you already know and thanks to the support of the Board of Directors. Therefore, and first of all, I would like to sincerely thank the support I have received and I hope to continue counting on it during my mandate, since it is an honour to preside over this team made up of professionals of great prestige and with such an outstanding scientific career. Any of the members of the Board would undoubtedly be worthy of this position and that is why I am preparing to chair it from a position of consensus and dialogue, convinced that all contributions will be enriching, constructive and focused on the good of society.

Together with all of them, I intend to place the institution at the highest level, both in terms of its internal organization and management and in terms of improving service to its members. Based on the excellent work done so far and with the desire for continuous improvement that should characterize our society, I will strive to position it in the best possible way to benefit the management of the real needs of its members.

Agile and visible decisions, involvement of the members of the society and intensive use of new technologies, will be the axes of this new period we are starting. All this without forgetting the special attention we must pay to initiatives to give visibility and favour equal opportunities for women and policies designed ad hoc for young scientists.

With humility, respect and illusion I put at the disposal of the Board and the partners my trajectory and experience in the scientific and management field, in the confidence of improving the representation of our entity before the different administrations and institutions.

We must also increase relations with nearby scientific societies, particularly those with a more clinical orientation in order to create synergies and learn from each other.

The promotion and visibility of scientific excellence in the field of neuroscience together with the modernization and management of resources, from transparency and good practices, should be the final objectives to which we direct our efforts.

For all the above reasons, the time has come to combine the continuity of the projects initiated by the previous team with the creation of new assumable and motivating objectives that will reinforce the leadership and growth of our institution.

Joan X. Comella

March 2020

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