The objectives of the SENC, the Spanish Neuroscience Society, are:


Promote the development of knowledge in the area of Neuroscience, bringing together scientists from different disciplines, and facilitating the integration of research aimed at all levels of nervous system organization.


Promote education in the field of Neuroscience.


Promote the relationship with national and international homologous societies and organizations.


Inform the public about the results and implications of ongoing research in the areas of Neuroscience.

Carta del presidente

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Thank you so much for the trust that many of you have deposited in me, supporting my candidature as president of our society. I hope to gain the trust of those of you who know me less in the next two years. I am also very grateful to the members of the Board, who have accepted to take the duty of leading the SENC with me in this period.
I am confident that these upcoming years will see the recovery of an intense scientific activity after the limitations imposed by the pandemic, with the in-person celebration of our bi-annual congress and the Cajal School, among other scientific events in which the SENC participates.

One of the goals of my mandate is to promote a sprightlier participation of the SENC in the current intense debates on collateral but still fundamental aspects of research, including:

1) The use of experimental animals in research, its need, advantages and limitations.
2) How to achieve the goal of full Open Science in a rational, non-disruptive and especially equitable fashion.
3) How to reform the research evaluation system consistently with the constantly evolving scenario that science is facing. We should also contribute to the international debate on the value of scientific indicators as a measure of scientific excellence.

Together with the SEN board, I will be attentive to any other topic that you as SENC members may want to propose.

Hace años que la SENC promueve activamente una mayor participación de sus investigadores mas jóvenes en las actividades de la Sociedad, del mismo modo que participa en debates de genero y promueve actividades encaminadas a valorizar el rol de las mujeres en neurociencia, o en actividades de divulgación de la ciencia.

For years, the SENC has actively promoted a wider participation of its youngest researchers in the activities of the society, has participates in gender debates and promoted activities aimed at highlighting the role of women in neuroscience, or in scientific outreach activities. All these activities are of fundamental importance and will need to be intensified in the future, together with the establishment of a better interaction with other scientific societies, both national and international, especially the FENS.

In 2023, the SENC will host the IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) Congress in Granada. As you all know, IBRO’s mission is to promote neuroscience research worldwide and in particular in less developed countries. The congress will be an excellent opportunity to bring together researchers from all over the world and meet them in loco. The organization of the Congress is underway with a local organization committee chaired by Juan Lerma, who, way back, promoted Granada as the congress venue. We are working on an excellent science program that covers the hottest topics and that hopefully should be of great interest to all of you. Although the IBRO congress will replace the SENC bi-annual meeting, we have planned an associated, special and more intimate “SENC day” for our society. This will be the occasion to keep our traditional meetings of the “Networks” and to award the Olympus Prize to a young researcher. It will also be the occasion to meet, discuss neuroscientific problems and chat as we like to do.

I hope to see you all in Granada!

Paola Bovolenta

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