Young Researchers’ and Education Committee

Missions and Objectives

The Young Researchers’ and Education Committee (YREC) has four major aims:

  1. To encourage the professional development of young researchers
  2. To promote their participation in the scientific community and their visibility
  3. To channel their own initiatives
  4. To organize activities devoted to them, useful for their training and their future as independent scientists.

In its Education mission, the YREC channels all the information relative to Education in Neuroscience that can be useful for both teachers and students. The Committee encourages the participation of all SENC members in these goals, providing information, orientation, offering common activities, and actively collaborating in their development.



To drive the Mentor Programme for young SENC researchers, coordinating and organizing both on-site activities (e.g. in the Biannual SENC Meetings) and on-line get-together events.


To coordinate and select the recipients of the Award for Young Scientist and organize the “Award Symposium” at the Biannual SENC Meetings.


To coordinate and select the recipients of the Excellent Student Rita Levi Montalcini Award  devoted to Predoctoral Researchers, and organize the “Rita Levi Montalcini Symposium” at the Biannual SENC Meetings.


To evaluate and select the recipients of Travel Grants (for SENC in Spain, FENS in Europe and SFN in the USA, among others).


To broadcast activities, conferences, awards, grants, employment offers, etc., which might be of interest to young SENC members, which can be followed on Twitter: @JovInvest_SENC.


To inform, orient and advise about opportunities for Education in Neuroscience:

Contact Committee of Young Researchers (CJI)

For issues related to the Mentoring Program:

For issues related to the Broadcasting and Education Counseling, or general inquiries to the committee:

Current Young Researchers Committee (YRC) 

Lydia Jiménez

Head – Member of SENC board
Counselor team
Profesora Titular de Fisiología
Universidad de Castilla La Mancha


Soraya Martín Suárez

Mentoring Team
Ramón y Cajal Researcher
Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience


Irene Serra Hueto

Predoctoral Researcher
Mentoring Team
Cajal Institute, CSIC.

Carlos Matute

President Elected of SENC
Counselor team
Catedrático de Anatomía y Embriología
Universidad del País Vasco


Sara Mederos

Mentoring Team
Postdoctoral Researcher
Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour
University College London

Manuel Valero

Mentoring Team
Fundación Tatiana Award 2023
Laboratorio de Computación Neuronal
Hospital del Mar, Barcelona


Paula Rodríguez

Spread Team
Postdoctoral Researcher
Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University

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