The History of Neuroscience

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Introduction to the History of Neuroscience

By Carmen Cavada | Ex-President of SENC. Chair of Human Anatomy and Neuroscience, UAM, Madrid. The interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience is singular and peculiar among the other sciences and it is the basis of its extraordinary strength and attractiveness. Following this conceptual line, this text journeys through the fundamental landmarks in the evolution of this field of knowledge.

History of the SENC

By Fernando Reinoso Suárez | Ex-President of the SENC. Emeritus Professor of Anatomy and Neuroscience, UAM, Madrid.In the second half of the 1970s, those of us responsible for teaching Neurobiology at the UAM Medical School had spoken many times of the need to create a Neuroscience Society in Spain…

Archives of Cajal and the Cajal School

In November 2017, the Archives of Santiago Ramón y Cajal and of the Spanish Neurohistological School (the archives of Pío del Río-Hortega, Fernando de Castro, Rafael Lorente de Nó and Pedro Ramón y Cajal) joined the Archives of the World programme.

Get to know the Spanish neuroscientists who have made history

Here you can find a series of monographic papers that will help you to get to know the research by which Spanish neuroscientists have entered the History of Neuroscience, from Santiago Ramón y Cajal to the present day.


– Holding Scientific Symposia on the History of Neuroscience.

– Organisation of specific activities at SENC events (Biennial Conference, Cajal Conference).

– Internal and external advice on exhibitions and content related to the History of Neuroscience.

Living history

A project is initiated in which videos about relevant Spanish neuroscientists are included (lectures, biographies or interviews), so that the collection constitutes a true “Audiovisual Document of Spanish Neuroscience”.

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Alfabeto Cajaliano.
T: Trabajos del Laboratorio de Inv. Biológicas.
Cansado de la lentitud de las revistas científicas, Cajal fundó su propia revista trimestral. En ella publicaron todos los miembros de su grupo: Castro, Lorente de Nó, @AchucarroGlia, D. Sánchez, Hortega y Tello.

The 2nd Symposium of the Spanish Network for the Interaction between Computational and #CognitiveNeuroscience (SINC2) will be held during #SENC2019. It includes a plenary lecture by Dr. Juan Álvaro Gallego #systemsneuroscience:

#TalDíaComoHoy, de 1930, fallece Silveria Fañanás. En palabras de #RamónyCajal "mi más preciado bálsamo y sostén".

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