Other Grants

Athena SWAN Award

Aid for institutions that promote careers for women researchers. See details

Bio-Techne Travel Grants

Grant to attend Scientific Congresses. See details

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds

PhD Fellowships, MD Fellowships and Travel Grants. Three Programmes for Junior Scientists

Bright Focus Foundation

Standard Awards and Postdoctoral Fellowships on Alzheimer´s Disease degeneration. BrightFocus Foundation

EMBO Women in Science Award

Award for a recognized and plenary researcher at the FEBS congress. See details


Training grants and stipends. Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

L’Oréal Foundation

Program Women in Science. L’oreal Foundation

Ramón Areces Foundation

Research grants – Research projects

Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation

Grants to projects and research grants. Tatiana Pérez de Gúzman El Bueno Foundation

IBRO Funding program

Research fellowships, Return home fellowships, Travel grants, Regional grants, Funding awards, etc. IBRO: INTERNATIONAL BRAIN RESEARCH ORGANIZATION

Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience

Paid prize awarded by The Japan Neuroscience Society. See details

La Caixa

Graduate scholarships. Bancaria Caixa Foundation

NARSAD Grants – Brain ¬ Behavior Research Foundation

Research grants and awards. Brain & Behavior

Society for Neuroscience

Individual Prizes and fellowships. Society for Neuroscience. Individual Prizes and Fellowships
Promotion and Mentoring of Women in Neuroscience. See details

The Company of Biologists

Non-profit organization that grants aid to the community of biologists. Inspiring biology


Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators


L’Oréal Foundation (Women in Science Program)


Laia Acarín Awards for Young Researchers, granted by the Red Glial Española

Laia Acarín Awards for Young Researchers

The Brain Prize of the Lundbeck Foundation (Awards to scientists)

The Brain Prize

AstraZeneca Foundation (Awards for Young Researchers)

Awards to Young Researchers of the AstraZeneca Foundation

Lilly Foundation Awards for Preclinical and Clinical Biomedical Research

Lilly Foundation

“Rey Jaime I Medical Research” Awards



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