NeuroEvoDevo – Pedro Ramón y Cajal Network  
Executive Board of the Network:

Luis Puelles, Murcia University
José Luis Ferrán, Murcia University
Agustín González, Complutense University of Madrid
Loreta Medina, Lleida University
Nerea Moreno, Complutense University of Madrid


The Pedro Ramón y Cajal Neuro-Evo-Devo Network is a continuation of the homonymous Club of Comparative Neurobiology that has been operating informally for the last 20 years, commemorating Pedro Ramón’s pioneering research activity in this field. The new name emphasizes the presently necessary evo-devo approach that joins studies in embryonic and adult forms. During this time the Club met as a satellite activity in each of the biennial congresses organized by the SENC, on the first day of that Meeting. Therefore, its formal connection with the SENC is a natural step aimed to act as a common platform for Spanish groups working in the field of Comparative Neurobiology and Evolution. The objective is to create a network that allows and facilitates cooperation and rapprochement among all groups, as well as encouraging interaction between them and improving the use of human resources and research. At present the club has about 90 members among which there is research staff of the CSIC, staff of Research Institutes, University professors, and students from many Spanish regions.

More specifically, we want to focus our activity on:
1. Hold symposiums and monographic meetings.
2. Promote the participation of club members in scientific meetings and disseminate the activities carried out by the different groups that comprise it.
3. Promote a Discussion Forum on relevant topics related to the research carried out in the laboratories of the groups that comprise it.
4. Facilitate the establishment of joint research projects between national and European laboratories working on related topics, allowing the transfer of methodologies and knowledge.
5. Promote the training and mobility of our researchers, particularly young people in training, facilitating access to institutes, laboratories and universities.

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