The management bodies of the Society are: The General Assembly and the Executive Board. There is also a Programme Committee and a Candidature Commission which support their work towards the objectives of the Society.

The General Assembly of the Society is the debating and decision-making body. It supervises and approves the administration by the Executive Board and of the Commissions of the Society and takes decisions on the matters that are submitted for its deliberation and which, under the Articles of Association, are not attributed to any other body or member.

The Executive Board is responsible for running the activities of the Society. Among other functions, the Executive Board ensures compliance with the Articles of Association, administers the funds of the Society, proposes the members’ fees, appoints or dissolves commissions or delegates to undertake specific activities and it organises or sponsors scientific meetings.

The main functions of the Programme Committee are the scientific organisation of the biennial conference and other meetings of the Society and the establishment of scientific disciplines.

The Candidature Commission draws up the list of candidates for election to the Executive Board and the Programme Committee.

The Admissions Committee manages new applications for membership of the SENC, in collaboration with the Technical Secretariat.

The Communications Committee is the point of contact with the media. It manages and promotes the SENC on social networks and provides information on the latest news and national and international events of interest to Society members.

The Training Committee manages the map of neuroscience schools and programmes, contacts with members of the NENS network and the corresponding offers of aid, as well as all of the training activities offered by the SENC to its members.

The History Committee channels all of the information about the History of Spanish Neuroscience which may be useful to SENC members.

The Young Researchers’ Committee works to raise the profile of young SENC researchers, channel their initiatives and organise activities dedicated to them which are useful for their training and their future.

The Women in Neuroscience Committee promotes actions that contribute to closing the gap between the numbers of men and women researchers in the field of Neuroscience.

The Animal Welfare and Experimentation Committee channels all of the information that may be useful to SENC members related to animal welfare and experimentation in the widest possible sense, for students, trainee researchers and senior researchers.

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