Women in Neuroscience Committee


The objectives of the Women in Neuroscience Committee are the organisation and promotion of actions to close the gap between the number of male and female researchers in Neuroscience. This difference is more accentuated in the latter stages of scientific careers. To achieve these objectives, different initiatives are to be launched in order to: i) raise awareness in the neuroscientific community of the situation of women in Neuroscience, providing statistics and objective data; ii) to raise the profile of women SENC members; and iii) to channel the ideas and demands of all members in order to implement solutions.



To interview women SENC members, in order to raise their profile so that they can be role models for new generations of young women scientists.


To publish the percentages of participation of men and women as speakers at the SENC Biennial Conferences and in the activities organised or funded by the Society, and to monitor the levels reached in the successive editions of those events.


To make rules, documents, articles and related materials available to members so that they can be used in awareness-raising activities and other specific actions. Women in Neuroscience | @Mujer_SENC.


To publicise news, awards, grants, etc. which might be of interest to members Women in Neuroscience | @Mujer_SENC.


To organise activities related to Women in Neuroscience during the SENC Biennial Conference SENC Biennial Conference.


To offer the support of the Society to those members who wish to organise activities related to the objectives of the Women in Neuroscience Committee

Current Women in Neuroscience Committee 

Laura López Mascaraque


SENC Scientific Researcher 

Cajal Institute 

CSIC Madrid 

Amanda Sierra

Vice-President of SENC 

Ikerbasque Research Professor 

Achucarro Basque Centre for Neuroscience 

Leioa, Bizkaia 

Diego Clemente López

Head Researcher 

Group Leader 

Neuro-Immuno Repair 

National Paraplegic Hospital 


Thomas Gener

Post-Doctoral Researcher 

IMIM Hospital del Mar 

Medical Research Institute 


Ana Bribian

Post-Doctoral Researcher 

Cajal Institute 

CSIC Madrid 

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