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If you wish to join the SENC, enjoy all of the benefits offered by Society and contribute to the progress of neuroscience in Spain, complete the form below with your personal details.

Attach your curriculum vitae (maximum two pages) and the written support of two active ordinary members of SENC. If you are a student, you should also attach a document evidencing your status (e.g. a copy of your registration or grant document, or a letter from your tutor or director).

Applications are evaluated monthly, except in August. You will be duly notified of the decision of the Executive Board.

Advantages of being a member of the SENC

SENC Annual Membership Fee

Associated member: €50
Student member: €50
Ordinary member: €90


Applications are evaluated within a maximum of one month.

For new members, the first fee payment corresponds to the current year (the year in which the application for membership was accepted).

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    Developmental NeurobiologyNeuronal excitability, Synapses and Glia: Cellular mechanismsSystems NeuroscienceCognitive and Behavioral NeuroscienceTheoretical and Computational NeuroscienceDisorders and Nervous System repairHomeostatic and Neuroendocrine systemsNew Methods and TechnologiesHistory, Teaching, Release and Ethics

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