SINC Spanish Network for the Interaction of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience


Today, data acquisition techniques have improved enormously, allowing the rapid accumulation of huge amounts of data (big data) by experimental groups. This includes electrophysiological records (EEG, iEEG, LFP, MUA, EP, etc.), images (fMRI, MEG, DTI, etc.) and behavioural data. In most cases, experimental groups do not have the knowledge or the time necessary for sufficient analysis of the data. Likewise, computational groups need databases in order to generate and test their models and also a deeper understanding of the biological problems that they are analysing.

The Spanish Network for the Interaction of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience (SINC2) aims to cover these needs and to be very useful to our community. This is what SINC2 was created for: a network to promote interaction between experimental and computational groups in the field of neuroscience, on a countrywide scale.

The main objectives of SINC2 are to encourage personal interaction between cognitive and computational groups (through satellite workshops with practical sessions, supply and demand of collaboration, and the exchange and joint supervision of students); to encourage ongoing interaction between both communities, through the creation of on-line databases available to the groups, acquisition/exchange of software/scripts for data analysis and the creation of computational models; to facilitate the training of researchers in experimental and computational methods, promoting courses with personal attendance and also on-line tutorials, and encouraging the creation of consortia to apply for national and international interdisciplinary projects (electronic bulletin with alerts regarding competitive calls for proposals).

The SINC2 is an associated network of the SENC.


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