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Teaching and Dissemination Resources

  • Aciertas_Red is a COSCE project aimed at primary school teachers and teachers in the early years of secondary education.   It is based on a platform to encourage research-based learning, as well as dialogue and collaboration between teachers. Neuroscientists are invited to present the resources that they have elaborated on the emerging themes selected for the platform: Nanosciences, Neurosciences and Robotics. The project also awards the Aciertas Prizes. For more information, visit the blog and read the leaflet.
  • BrainFacts is a platform with resources and information on Neuroscience for students at different levels: www.brainfacts.org
  • Educational Resources in Neurosciences (ERIN) was created by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) to offer training strategies and resources in Neuroscience for undergraduate and graduate students, and for clinical practice professionals. http://erin.sfn.org/About
  • Skype a Scientist is an initiative of the University of Connecticut (USA) allowing scientists (over 500) to interact with classes of students anywhere in the world by Skype. The students enjoy a unique opportunity to ask questions, comment, seek opinions, etc., from a specialist in the subject.

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