Young Researchers’ Committee


The main objectives of the Young Researchers’ Committee (YRC) are to encourage the professional development of young researchers, promoting their participation and visibility at all scientific levels, to channel their own initiatives and organise activities dedicated to them which are useful for their training and their future as independent scientists. The Young Researchers’ Committee enjoys the support of the senior members of the SENC for one of their star activities: the Mentor Programme.



To coordinate the Mentor Programme for young SENC researchers.


To organise the Professional Development Session (for both trainers and students) as a satellite activity at the SENC Biennial Conferences.


To select the recipients of grants for attendance at FENS conferences in Europe and SFN conferences in the USA (for both trainers and students), among others.


To publicise activities, conferences, awards, grants, offers of employment, etc., which might be of interest to young members, which can be followed on Twitter: @JovInvest_SENC.


To channel initiatives of the SENC members led by young researchers or directed to them SENC Biennial Conference.

Current Young Researchers Committee (YRC) 

Ángel Acebes

Head – Member of SENC 

Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine 

University of La Laguna 


Ledia Hernández

Head Researcher 

HM Puerta del Sur Hospital 


Víctor Borrell

Member of SENC 

CSIC Scientific Researcher 

Institute of Neuroscience 


Ricardo Martín

Olympus Prize for Young Researchers 2017 

Post-Doctoral Researcher 

San Carlos Clinical Hospital 


Cristina Nombela

Post-Doctoral Researcher 

San Carlos Clinical Hospital 


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