Training Committee

The Training Committee channels all of the information which might be useful for SENC members with respect to training in neuroscience in the widest possible sense, both for students and teachers, as well as possible sources of funding (grants) and recognition (awards). The Committee is particularly interested in the participation of SENC members in this task, both by providing information and/or proposing joint activities, and by collaborating actively in them.



To provide information about Masters’ Degrees and Doctorates in Neuroscience (in Spain and abroad).


To provide information about Neuroscience subjects in Degree studies.


To provide information about training courses (for trainers and students)


To publicise prizes, SENC Grants and other grants which might be of interest to members.


To organise training activities in neuroscience during the SENC Biennial Conference.


To provide support from the Society to those members wishing to organise (or who request) neuroscience training.

Current Training Committee 

Javier Cudeiro

Head – President Elect of the SENC 

University Professor 

University of A Coruña 

Rocío Leal Campanario

Contracted Lecturing Doctor 

Pablo de Olavide University 


Fernando Guiráldez

University Professor 

CEXS – Pompeu Fabra University at RBBP 


Nagore Puente Bustinza

Senior Researcher 

University of the Basque Country EHU/UPV 


Eduardo Weruaga

Tenured University Lecturer 

University of Salamanca 

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