Cajal Conference

The aim of this series of Conferences is to bring together specialists in a Neuroscience area to present their recent data and to discuss it with international leaders in the field and with young neuroscientists in an open, informal atmosphere. The Cajal Conference and the SENC meeting take place on alternate years (Cajal Conferences on even years and SENC meetings on odd years).

The Conference is sponsored by SENC and it can be proposed and organized by any member, or team of members, following its call. Travel fellowships will be offered to stimulate the assistance of young scientists.

For further information about the aim and scope of Cajal Conferences, click the Cajal Conference call and check the program of the previous editions (by clicking the Conference title).

Cajal Conferences (2005-2016)

2016 - IX Cajal Winter Conference: Neuroscience today: Advancing the future. Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), April 25-27th 2016.

2014 - VIII Cajal Winter Conference: Thinking the future of Neuroscience. La Alberca (Salamanca), May 19-21st 2014.

2011 - Seventh Cajal Winter Conference: Synaptic mechanisms. Benasque (Huesca), March 20-24th 2011.

2010 - Sixth Cajal Winter Conference: Role of glialcells in health and disease. Benasque (Huesca), March 7-11th 2010.

2009 - Fifth Cajal Winter Conference: Neuronal Generation, Growth and Degeneration. Benasque (Huesca), March 8-12th 2009.

2008 - Fourth Cajal Winter Conference: Genetic, Cellular and Network Basis of Cognition. Benasque (Huesca),  March 2-6th 2008.

2007 - Third Cajal Winter Conference: Mental Illness: from Genes to Treatment. Benasque (Huesca), March, 19-23rd 2007.

2006 - Second Cajal Winter Conference: Cerebral Cortex: from Development to Cognition. Benasque (Huesca), March 19-23rd, 2006.

2005 - First Cajal Winter Conference: Neuronal Growth, Differentiation and Survival: Therapeutic Perspectives in Neurological Diseases. Benasque (Huesca), March 13-17th 2005.